Item Description
   TOO WISE WIVES (1922)SILENT FILM DIRECTED BY LOIS WEBERRunning Time: 78 minutesPrint Quality: *** WILL PLAY WORLDWIDE   These films are long out of copyright and are in the public domain, and therefore do not break ebay rules and regulations.  The DVD will be sent without artwork in a plain white sleeve.   The picture included in this item description is a screen cap from the version of the film you will be receiving PRINT QUALITY GUIDENB:  This is a GUIDE only to the overall quality of the print.  Please be aware that certain sections of the films may vary in quality, but the star rating is intended as a guide to the average quality of the print. * = very poor quality, of interest to collectors only** = a watchable print, but may be "washed out" or with a lack of detail*** = a good solid print, that may suffer from some wear and tear, but very watchable. **** = a very good print with no major signs of damage OR a print that is 5-star in quality for the majority of the running time, but with small sections that suffer from damage or corrosion of the nitrate***** = excellent print with little or no damage. *BUYERS MUST PAY BY PAYPAL POSTAGE COSTS UK: free.  Europe $3, Rest of world $5