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Here's something for all of the Conan fans, straight from my
collection. The full last week of the show that ended too soon. I
have the entire week on 3 DVDs. These shows are great, because
Conan does not hold back his feelings towards NBC. Here are the
-1/18/10: Martin Scorcese, Colin Firth, Kooza
-1/19/10: Quentin Tarantino, Paul Bettany, Spoon
1/20/10: Adam Sandler, Joel McHale, Joss
-1/21/10: Robin Williams, Barry Manilow
1/22/10: Tom Hanks, Will Ferrell, Neil Young
(Last Show)
You can have all three discs for $6. Buyers in
the United States pay $3 shipping. Outside of the United States pay
$13. International shipping rates in the U.S. just had a 105% increase, thus the high international charge.

I only accept paypal. I do not accept returns because of the
ease of duplication. I will replace defective discs. Make sure your
DVD player plays dvd-r discs. Discs will come in paper disc
sleeves, no artwork.
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