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Listed below are episodes of "The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson." Unless otherwise noted, all shows are complete with their original commercials. Most are taken from masters, so the network commercials are included, but the picture is black when local stations are running their own commercials. Unless otherwise noted, the quality of these shows are very good! Please let me know if you any any questions!!!

The following seven shows are b/w and were edited for showing to US military overseas. The only commercials are directed toward those in the service. Also included is the "warm-up" that used to air prior to the start of Johnny's monologue.

12/3/63: Henny Youngman, Don Stewart, Ivan Sanderson B/W

1/14/64: Hedda Hopper, Stan Levinson B/W

3/25/65: Henry Morgan, Anita Bryant, Anita Gillette with Skitch Henderson and some singer filling in for Ed. In the pre-monologue segment, is music from the singer & Skitch...who you can hear addressing Doc Seversen as "Carl", which is his real name. B/W

8/15/65: Allen Funt, Kaye Stevens, Sam Blum-B&W-NY (a portion of
this show was cut) B/W

3/25/69: Guest Host is Jerry Lewis...George Carlin, Charlie Callas, Mason Williams, Patrice Munsel, Jim Turner & Robert Ettinger B/W

6/13/69: Dana Valery, Joan Rivers, Stan Freberg, Jim Fowler, B/W-NY

11/18/69: Lucile Ball, Trini Lopez, Ozzie & Harriet, Louis Nye & Anne Howard

12/31/65: New Year's Eve with Woody Allen, The Muppets, Criswell, William Walker, Gina Golan & a countdown to 1966 from Times Square....AMAZING QUALITY!!!

3/6/69: Bob Hope Dean Martin George Gobel Judy Carne Carol Wayne Robert Wagner Buddy Rich

12/17/69: The Wedding of Tiny Tim with Florence Henderson, Phyllis Diller & Nick Lucas....AMAZING QUALITY!!!

8/13/70: Buddy Hackett, Dr. Paul R. Ehrlich, Ben Wattenberg

5/6/71: Bob Hope, Woody Allen, James Coco
7/1/71: Rodney Dangerfield,Della Reese,Freeway

9/28/71: Paul Harvey, Dick Hymes, Larry Kert, Louis Lasser, Harmonica Winners

10/5/71: Charlie Callas, Robert Goulet, Walter J.Hickel, Jim Files
2/29/72: Flip Wilson, Susan St. James, George Carlin, Ann Margaret

5/2/72: Second show after moving to Burbank with Rob Reiner, Johnny Mathis, Carol Wayne, George Carlin & Mr. Blackwell

9/29/72: Joan Rivers,Earl Holliman Mitzi Gaynor

10th Anniversary Show with Jack Benny, Don Rickles, Jerry Lewis, Carol Wayne, Joey Bishop & George Burns .....FIRST HOUR ONLY!!!

10/26/72: Norman Mailer,Charles Nelson Reilly,Cicely Tyson,Jud Strunk

11/13/72: Muhammad Ali, Harry Chapin, Mike Preminger, NYC Mayor John Lindsay & Jerusalem Mayor Teddy Kollek

11/24/72: Tony Randall,Jaye P.Morgan,David Brenner, Oleg Papov

11/29/72: Buddy Rich, Marilyn Horne, Margaret Truman, Ace Trucking Company

1/3/73: Joan Rivers, Jack Lemmon, Billy Wilder, Helen Reddy & Illegitamate Theater

1/23/73: Joan Rivers,Bobby Goldsboro,George Maharis,Joan Embery

2/6/73: Joan Embery,Bobby Darin,Seals and Croft,Orson Bean

2/14/73: Bob Newhart, Evel Kenevel, Charles Grodin, Johnny Mathis & Laurence J. Peter

2/27/73: Buddy Hackett, Marcel Marceau, Nancy Wilson, Hurricane Smith

3/21/73: Steve Martin, Florence Henderson, Cadnice Bergen, James Hampton & Karen Brakke

3/28/73: Robert Blake, Bee Gees & Putt Mossman

5/10/73 Elizabeth Martineau Dawson,Tony Randall,Eubie Blake

8/1/73 Ricardo Montalban,Lester Bodfish,Fred Titus,Roger Kunayak,Reggie Joule,Laura Bergt,Uri Gellar

9/5/73 Buddy Rich,Sandy Duncan,Roy Clark,Kreskin

9/18/73: Ozzie & Harriet Nelson, Tony Randall, Jerry Van Dyke & William Blatty

10/2/73: The 11th Anniversary Show

11/30/73: Helen Reddy, Rich Little, Carl Sagan & Matthew Margolis

11/6/73: Robert Blake The Carpenters Martin Poriss

12/6/73: Sammy Davis Jr., Diane Keaton & Freddie Prinze

1/15/74: Buddy Rich,Lana Cantrell,Marty Brill,Rufus Youngblood

1/23/74: Jack Benny, Mel Blanc, Jim Henson/Kermit the Frog & Maria Muldaur.....CLASSIC STUFF as Benny & Blanc discuss the old days of the Jack Benny radio show.

3/8/74 Bruce Dern,Rick Nelson,Gig Young,Gerard Nierenberg

5/21/74: There's NO BAND because of a musicians strike with Bob Hope, Michael Landon, Don Rickles & Freddie Prinze

6/5/74: Rich Little, Truman Capote, Olivia Newton-John, Martin Poriss & Donna Myers

9/2/74: Doris Day, Rodney Dangerfield & Burt Mustin (announcer is Carol Wayne...sound jumps up from time to time)

9-6-74 Diahan Carroll, Phyllis Newman, Jack Albertson, Charles Nelson Reilly

11/21/74 Peggy Lee,Bruce Dern,Kelli Monteith,Dr.Michael Fox

12/5/74 Beverly Sills,John Byner,Carol Wayne

2/19/75 James Stewart,Kelli Monteith,Buddy Rich,Sam Boltner

3/25/75 Goldie Hawn,Orson Bean,Gil Rogers,Johnny Mathis

4/22/75 Bea Arthur,Buddy Rich,January Jones,David Horowitz

9/23/75 Glen Campbell,Fernando Lamas,Lynn Redgrave,The Supremes

9/26/75 Shelley Winters,Oliver Reed,Charles Aznavour

10/3/75: Tony Curtis, Diana Ross & Elaine Stitch

3/5/76: Bing Crosby, Ray Bolger, Marvin Hamlisch & Burt Mustin

4/30/76: Paul Lynde, Bob Uecker, McLean Stevenson & Carol Wayne

10/28/76: Bob Hope, Steve Martin, Jim Fowler & David Horowitz

11/12/76: Frank Sinatra, Olivia Newton-John, David Janssen & Ray Johnson

12/14/76: Richard Pryor, John Davidson, Darlene Carr, Dr. Michael Fox & the FAMOUS CIGARETTE BOX INCIDENT. After Johnny finds that Don Rickles has broke his cigarette box the night before, Johnny walks in on a Don Rickles taping of CPO Sharkey.

4/8/77: Pat Henry, Marilyn McCoo, Billy Davis Jr., Carol Wayne, Joan Embry and a DRUNK Ed McMahon!!!

8/3/77: Gregory Peck, Edgar Bergen, George Gobel & Jim Bouton

2/20/78: Guest Host Steve Martin....Kenny Rogers, Steve Allen, Andy Kauffman & Elke Sommer