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Their immune systems tragically damaged, Tom and Lola are a pair
of beautiful children isolated since birth in hermetically sealed
plastic bubbles. But isolated bubbles and distant hospital
technicians cannot inhibit the beguiling spirit and supernatural
bond between Tom and Lola , the indomitable protagonists of
Bertrand Arthuy's enchanting French fantasy. Objects of endless
medical probes, Tom and Lola watch TV and dream of a distant world
- of ice and snow, penguins and whales, dogsled rides across the
mountainous tundra. Their valiant efforts to breach their
suffocating isolation -- a hilarious, often touching quest to reach
Alaska -- form the heart and soul of this magical film. Time and
again, Tom and Lola outsmart their keepers, escaping to explore a
world where wonder and surprises exist around every corner.
Miniature fugitives, they elude their captors in a race against
time. Superbly mounted, touchingly scored and brilliantly observed,
Tom and Lola is a visual treat for anyone who has ever appreciated
- or forgotten - the charm and innocence of youth.
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Runtime: 98 minutes

Rating: Unrated

Format: Anamorphic Widescreen

Color: NTSC Color

Language: French

Subtitles: English

Video Quality: GOOD
DVDs in this category may have minimal pixelization and/or
other flaws in the video and audio. Reasons for this can be many;
i.e., the original production company could have made the transfer
from a less than perfect master reel, compression during the
transfer process and/or the age of the film. Titles in this
category still are genuine DVD's and carry their minimum
specifications for quality.

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