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Tokyo FriendsThe Complete Japanese Drama DVD Collection (1-5 End) Japanese with Accurate English SubtitlesFormat: DVDThe story follows the lives of 22 year old Rei Iwatsuki (Ai Otsuka) and her three new friends who she meets when she arrives in Tokyo, having left home. Rei's three friends, Maki Abiko (Mao Kobayashi), Ryoko Fujiki (Yoko Maki), Hirono Hayama (Rio Matsumoto) are all like her, in that they are each young and attractive single women, living alone in Tokyo. Rei starts working in a small restraunt where she meets the three of them; and it is here that she also meets Ryuuji (Eita) and his band, "Survival Company" or "Sabacan". When a fight breaks out in the restraunt between the members of Sabacan, the lead singer quits the band leaving Ryuuji and the rest of Sabacan in a situation where they're left with no choice but to either find a replacement lead singer or disband forever. The impulsive Ryuuji decides to make Rei the lead singer and hence starts Rei's new adventure with Sabacan. The 5-episode series follows the band Sabacan's successes along with the love lives of all four women, each trying to find their own place in the big city. "Tokyo Friends" is a must watch for all Ai fans as her critically acclaimed performance sets the standards for all musicians trying to break into acting. With a high profile production crew, a talented young cast, excellent music by Sin and with brilliant original compositions by singer-songwriter Ai Otsuka, "Tokyo Friends" is not to be missed. Format : DVDLanguage : JapaneseDVD Subtitles : EnglishEpisodes : 1 - 5 endVideo: Excellent QualityRegion : All code region free ( Playable on any DVD Player )PS2, XBOX Compatible. DVD-ROM Compatible. FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ADDITIONAL ITEMS. FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ADDITIONAL ITEMS.