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This is for a Togakure Ryu techniques list in Digital format. It is about 7 pages long. The technique names are in sino-japanese. The description of the techniques is written in English. The sections are Togakure Ryu Ninpo - 9, Taijutsu Ukemigata (Shuko Jutsu) - 6 , Shinobigaeshigata - 5, Hiden - 4, Togakure Ryu Ninja-to, 5, Itto
Giri - 3, Happo Biken Jutsu - 6.

This may be of interest to Samurai, Ninpo, Jinenkan, Bujinkan, Genbukan & Koryu Bujutsu practitioners. no refunds, exchanges, etc., all sales are final. This is not a movie/video.

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