Item Description
1: How to Hit the Heavy Bag
2: Boxing Defensive Skills and Drills
3: How to Wrap Hands for Training and Competition
4: How to be an Effective Body Puncher
5: How to Properly Work a Fighter’s Corner
6: Punch Mitts
7: Counter Punching
8: How to Box – The Basics
9: Achieve Speed and Power in Boxing
10: Interval Boxing Training
11: Attacking and Punching at Angles
12: Advanced Training and Boxing Techniques
13: Bigger and Stronger
14: Faster – Speed Kills
15: Explosive Quickness
16: Medicine Ball Workout
17: How to Lose Weight Rapidly for Boxing
18: How to Lose Weight Effectively for Boxing
19: Cross Training for Boxing I – Upper Body and Core
20: Cross Training for Boxing II – Lower Body and Trunk
21: Freddie Roach’s Fundamentals of Boxing
22: Freddie Roach’s Advanced Punching Technique
23: Freddie Roach’s Punching Bag Training