Item Description
The Tippmann Patrol Vest is perfect for the scout or fast attack player! Are you that woodsballer player who is all guts and glory? You don't want to sit in the back; you need to be charging the front or rushing around to hit their flank? If you're that aggressive player then the Tippmann Patrol Vest was designed for you! The Tippmann Patrol Vest carries just what you need for a fast mission, trimming off the excess so you can go high speed. The Patrol Vest utilizes an adjustable lightweight nylon mesh base to prevent overheating. A horizontal tank pouch holds even the largest of HPA tanks for your remote system. Four strap secured pod pouches with loops for two spares hauls up to 840 paintballs, enough to get in and do some serious damage on your suicide mission. Two velcro general purpose pockets, a pull down ID flap and radio pouch are configured into a tight compact package. The Tippmann Patrol Vest is ready for action! Tippmann Patrol Vest features:
- Breathable, lightweight nylon-webbed mesh base
- Adjustable shoulders and internal harness system
- 4+2 140-round pod pouch configuration
- Tank pouch
- Utility pockets
- Easy view map pocket
- Pull down ID flap
- Radio pouches
- Integrated belt keepers
- One size fits most