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94 Jaguar XJ6 Timimg Gear Cover
used aluminum timing gear cover removed from 94 XJ6. Cost a
pile of money from Jaguar. Save a bundle and get your car
back to original. Ships in 2-3 days most anywhere in the
US. Get this, no additional cost for shipments to Hawaii or
Puerto Rico!
Some important things to know when buying used auto parts. Some
parts last longer than other parts! Moving parts such as pumps,
alternators, etc, have a certain lifespan. Using them gradually
wears them out. Therefore those parts, depreciate more than non
moving parts like fenders, trunk lids, etc. We do not sell used
rubber parts that carry fluids or pressure, nor belts. All out
parts are tested to insure that they function as they should. Our
descriptions are accurate. Please use common sense, twenty year old
parts will not look new. Museum quality cars do not generally get
?parted out?! Most were just like all others, just daily drivers.
We have over three hundred ads and more on the way. We cannot
custom write a separate new ad for each of these 300 ads as we sell
many of the same items over and over and we don't have a large
staff to do that. Be assured that all product will be uniform in
overall quality and function. If you have questions about any item,
just call or email. Bear in mind that time is factor. Fifteen year
old parts will show signs of age, no matter what. Fifteen year old
parts will be scarce and selection may not be good. All used parts
can use clean up and certain refurbishment to make them look ?new?
again. Dealers typically do not provide this service included in
the price but usually will for an extra cost. Parts prices are not
?fixed? at a certain level because supply can vary from day to day.
Older cars are routinely crushed for scrap metal value. Part
supplies are literally disappearing daily. Suppliers like us spend
most of our time sourcing parts. New parts can be simply ordered in
any quantity and at any time. Used parts vary in cost from very
reasonable to over the top expensive. Many used parts dealers
prefer to ?up price? and wait for the right customer willing to pay
more to get it ?now?. Our system is to only stock or obtain parts
that offer maximum value for the money.