Item Description
This guitar is a brand new Autograph Pros les paul style
guitar hand signed in person by Tim McGraw. Also included is video
proof! Can you put a price on piece of mind? That's exactly what
you are getting when you purchase autographs here and this time it
comes to you in the form of VIDEO PROOF. This guitar is being sold
to you and the video footage we shot of him signing this guitar
will also be included FREE. Please note, we can supply this video
proof in any format you like, even 3gp where you can play it on
your cell phone, psp, pda, etc. Just for a clear understanding of
just how incredible this is, less than 1% of all autographs sold in
the world are accompanied by photo proof (a photo of the musician
signing the exact item), now imagine just how rare exact video
proof is? When is the last time you even saw a video like this to
accompany such an incredible item and have it being shown while the
signing took place. This is 2 nd only to being there and this video
footage makes this item worth double all the rest. There is never a
question to the authenticity and always will be a demand for this
item because no one in the world will doubt the authenticity.
That's as good as it gets! CLICK HERE TO VIEW THIS GUITAR BEING
SIGNED!!!! Item is certified authentic from Autograph Pros, LLC.
The dates and locations that we have for when our items were signed
as well as the 1000s of proof photos add a vital level of
provenance to the autographs we sell. This in turn adds great
collectability and VALUE to this autographed guitar because this
information and all these photos in our PHOTO GALLERY are ones that
only in-person dealers can obtain.
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