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1. Improve sexual potency side effect herbal sex medicine -Tiger King 3.make penis longer, lasting long sex time
100% herbal sex medicine - Tiger King
Fast nutrition treatment
Fast kidney nourishing, premature ejaculation treatment, ED removal and tiredness killer
1. [Main ingredient]:
Ginseng ,velvet antler,cynomorium sougaricam ,wolfberry,shark cartilage ,cordy sinensis and 26 traditional Chinese medicine extracts.
2. [Function]:
warming kidney and strengthening Yang, strengthening body resistance and increasing immunity .
3. [Application group]:
ED,premature ejaculation poor sperm ,sex malfunction ,repaired poor sex demand ,short penis ,lassitude waist and knee ,myasthenia of limbs ,spontaneous sweating and night sweating prostatitis and other caused by kidney-deficiency .
4. [Dosage and administration]:
Orally taken, take 1 pieces 10-20 minutes before sexual intercourse and the drug effect lasts for 72 hours ,The person with high blood pressure or heart disease can take the drug .
5. [Note]: hesitation or excessive administration prohibited.
6. [Specifications] :700mg*10 Pills / Box