Item Description

1. "All This Time"- This is an example of the more mature songs on this album. Tiffany has just lost a lover and she doesn't know what to do with "All This Time". Highest chart positon was #6.
2. "Oh Jackie"- I don't know what to think about this song. I think it might be about a best friend who Tiffany fought with and now her friend Jackie is on the radio. It might be about a boyfriend. It's a great song with synths and strong vocals. 9/10
3. "Hold An Old Friend's Hand"- It's the title song, which I don't see why it didn't chart. Lovely song about a boyfriend who Tiff wants to come back into her life. I think this is a cover version of a Tracy Nelson song in 1974. I love the saxs on this song. 10/10
4. "Radio Romance"- Great song about Tiff wanting her best friend's boyfriend and dedicating a song to him on the radio. She sings " I see you baby, every single day holdin' on to my best friend but ya don't see me, so I make the same request now every single night, goin' out from me to you on the dedication line". 10/10
5. "We're Both Thinking Of Her"- My favorite song on the album, a simple song about Tiffany's boyfriend wanting to leave her for her best friend. 10/10.
6. "Walk Away While You Can"- About how Tiffany's friend is with an older guy and she's warning her to walk away while she can. "Better walk away while you can, 'cause your hearts in control and ya don't understand,your still a young girl, he's almost a man better walk away while you can". 10/10
7. "Drop That Bomb"- Cute song about Tiff telling her fans to go after that boy they want. I think the way Tiffany sings the song is kind of annoying. I think this would do better on Debbie Gibson's "Out Of The Blue". I think this song is the type of song that Tiffany didn't want to sing anymore. I reccomend this one to
Debbbie Gibson fans. 5/10
8. "It's The Lover (Not The Love)"- I've aways liked this song because I thought Tiffany really wanted us to know that there is hope after breaking up with someone. I thought she was there for us when she sang this song. 10/10
9. "I'll Be The Girl"- Another "Drop That Bomb" type of song. This one seems like another lost Debroah Gibson song. I do like the part in the middle where she sings, "I'll be the pillow that you cry on' and "I'll be the laughter if ya ever need a clown". I thought Tiffany was tired of singing this song also. Debroah fans would also like this song. 5/10
10. "Hearts Never Lie" (Duet with Chris Farren)- This is like the "Could've Been" or "Feelings Of Forever" of this album. Chris Farren's voice goes well with Tiffany's. Beautiful. 10/10
11. Overture- Beautiful guitar pieces of "All This Time", "Hearts Never Lie" and "Hold An Old Friend's Hand". 10/10