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Adapted from an 1863 melodrama, The Ticket of Leave Man stars Tod Slaughter as Tiger Dalton, a notorious criminal mastermind who is in love with May Edwards (Marjorie Taylor), fiance of a young bank clerk named Bob Brierly (John Warwick). Tiger frames Bob by concocting a plan involving counterfeit money. Bob serves out his prison sentence, getting an early release. May still loves him, but Bob soon discovers that life is difficult for a "ticket of leave man" (i.e., an ex-con), as no employers are willing to take a chance on him. He resorts to using an alias and is able to gain employment at a bank, but Tiger threatens to expose him if he doesn't help him rob the bank. All looks black until May takes things into her own hands, telling the police about Tiger's plans. The police quickly set out in pursuit of the master villain, who gets his comeuppance in an appropriate manner.
Actors: Robert A'Dair; Billy Bray; Peter Gawthorne
Director: George King
Run Time: 71 minutes
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