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James Bond is Back in Action!

Full Color
Lobby Card Set
Eight Card Set
8" x 10" Size
110 lb. Quality Card Stock
Superb Quality!


These Are Actual Pictures of the Cards
(Shown smaller than the actual size of 8" x 10")

*  Thunderball (1965)

 Reproduction Lobby Card Set of 8

This is rare movie art at an affordable price!

This lobby card set is a super quality 8x10  full color reproduction.

Makes a great gift. 

Suitable for framing. All lobby cards are digitally printed on 110 lb. HEAVY card stock which makes them much clearer and sharper than a photocopy These have both the look and feel of the originals, the only difference is the size.

Sean Connery .... James Bond
Claudine Auger .... Dominic 'Domino' Derval
Adolfo Celi .... Emilio Largo, SPECTRE #2
Luciana Paluzzi .... Fiona Volpe
Rik Van Nutter .... Felix Leiter
Guy Doleman .... Count Lippe
Molly Peters .... Patricia Fearing
Martine Beswick .... Paula Caplan
Bernard Lee .... M
Desmond Llewelyn .... Q
Lois Maxwell .... Miss Moneypenny
Roland Culver .... Foreign Secretary
Earl Cameron .... Pinder
Paul Stassino .... Major Francois Derval/Angelo Palazzi
Rose Alba .... Madame Boitier


In a bold and deadly scheme, the evil SPECTRE organization hijacks a NATO plane and seizes two atomic warheads, each capable of killing millions of innocent people. As the world is held hostage by the threat of a nuclear nightmare, Bond jumps into action, racing against the clock as the trail leads him to tropical Nassau. There he meets Emilio Largo (Adolfo Celi), a high-ranking agent of SPECTRE, and the stunning Domino (Claudine Auger), with whom he shares an irresistible attraction. The confrontation builds to an epic battle on the ocean floor, as Bond and his allies fight to avert a catastrophe of immense proportions.