Item Description

Thousands of free TV and radio channels from all over the world



With "TV - Radio - Movie Player" you can see and hear thousands TV- and  radio channels from all over the world. The program also lets you record TV and radio programs, and store them on your PC for later use. You can then watch the  recordings on your TV, iPhone (or other similar phones), iPad (or other "pads") or on a PC.

  Watch movies, children's programs, music, entertainment, sports, news, documentaries, adult films etc. Access to the erotic channels can easily (within 10 seconds) be password controlled, so that they can be blocked / restricted as desired.

With this program you can get free access to the world of internet TV and radio. Watch TV all around the world - all you need is an internet connection and a PC. You no longer need to buy CD-Rom or USB sticks to access free television - this program will be delivered by mail, or can be downloaded from a download-site. The program is downloaded in seconds, and after a few minutes it is already installed, and you can watch free TV. The program can be used on as many PC's you want and you can give it (free) on to friends and family.

Free use for the rest of your life

  The program has a simple and straightforward interface, divided by country and category (which in turn are divided into television and radio). TV and radio stations are organized alphabetically by country and genre, and the results can easily be sorted as desired. Simply select the channel you want, and it appears either in the program's own window or in the VLC player (VLC Player is a free media player that can be downloaded from the internet). Using VLC Player, you will also have the opportunity to use the program recording function. The program has a good and comprehensive online help feature, where you will find answers to the most questions. The program updates regularly, so that it all the time is "up to date".