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Over 600 Thor Comics on Data DVD's Over 6 Gigs Total Viewable on PC or MAC All the Comic Viewers Needed are Included! This is a collection of approximately Over 600 comics on DVD to be veiwed in your PC or MAC. Also there is a setup file included that has to be installed in order to view the comic CBR or CBZ files. Below is the complete file list on the DVD's totaling OVER 6 Gigs THORJourney into mystery 83-125 The Mighty Thor 126 - 502Thor vol 2 503 - 587Including 5 annualsBalder the brave 1-4Blood and thunder 1-13Loki 1-4Thor corpsSon of asgardBlood oathVikingsThor annualsRage of thorStandoffStormbreaker Beta ray billThunder strike 5 more "one shots"Ultimate thorTales of asgardThor 600 - 604Thor 1-12 PLUS FREE!! Several options to be able to read your digital comics. For MAC Users these is also a FREE copy of COMICAL to Enable all MAC Users to view these Comics, also is a windows based copy of this software. COMICAL software can read both CBR and CBZ Files. CDISPLAY is also included FREE to read CBZ Files. COMIC SETUP is also included to read CBR Files. COMICRACK is included and will read both CBR and CBZ Files. So that once you have installed the software of your choice you will be able to fully enjoy these Comics. These DVD's are in Comic Book Reader Format or CBZ Format, some comics may be in JPG File Format which can be easily viewed by any picture software that comes standard on your pc. All necessary Software is supplied on the DVD's to enable you to view the Comics in their entirety. Great tools for all Digital Comic Collectors. !!!!!!!!FREE SHIPPINGin the US Important Disclaimer: To purchase these back-up issues you must own the originals. These are for back-up purposes only. When Purchasing any of the comics or magazine sets we have available for you, we therefore assume you have the original in your possession. Our function is strictly to backup your original comic purchase, which you currently own, to protect it from damage - accidental or otherwise. We provide these back-ups as a service. We will not be held accountable for the buyer's use. If you sell your original issues, you will destroy the backup of that title, and we hold no liability for anything you, the buyer, will do with the backup. You understand that from purchasing these backups from us, that you are implying you have the original copy of that title, and we will supply it to you on that understanding only. If you imply to us that you do not own the original copy of the issues(s), then we cannot supply you with the disc, as you have no legal rights to own it. You must also be aware that in order to use your legal backup copy of your retail comic(s), your PC/Mac must contain a working and properly installed CBR/CBZ Reader application, or PDF viewer like that of adobe.