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This story is about a king and a queen who have 6 sons and one daughther. The children live in a secret house in the forest. The only way the King can see his children is by having a magic ball of yarn take him to them. One day the King remarries and his new wife is a witch. She follows the ball of yarn one day to the children's house and turns all of them into wild swans. Elise, the daughter does not become a swan, and gets away. She searches for her brothers and finally finds them. She wants to break the spell that has been set upon them. To do this she must knit 6 sweaters out of knettles and she cannot speak until the task is complete because if she does, her brothers will die.
 *** Incredible anime classic based on Grimms' Fairy Tales: The Six Swans.

REVIEW: Watching this several times as a child was quite the experience 15 years ago, and now that I've found it again it still has a film experience like few others. If risky, it's a great display of morals and life lessons recommended for family viewing with young kids. While it still holds up as an adult, I was fortunate to have learned from it many times over years ago. Trying to find it today is hard enough . . . but believe me it is well worth it no matter what the age. Look hard for it (it is tough to find!!!) and you will be quite satisfied! It's an artful, intense, enjoyable, and important landmark in Japanese animation.
FORMAT:  NTSC, All-region DVD, English with no subtitles.


NOTES: Great quality, overseas release not available here in the US.
 The case & DVD are brand new!  You will absolutely love this
 classic anime film.

Running Time:  62 Minutes

Premiere Date: 1977-03-19 (Japan)

AKA: Sekai Meisaku Douwa - Hakuchou no Ouji (movie)


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