Item Description
HERE'S THE RARE 1989 FILM "THE WEIRDO". ONE OF THE FINAL FILMS DIRECTED BY NOTORIOUS TRASH FILMMAKER ANDY MILLIGAN (GHASTLY ONES, TORTURE DUNGEON, THE RATS ARE COMING! THE WEREWOLVES ARE HERE!) BEFORE HIS DEATH IN 1991 & RELEASED BY THE RAEDON VIDEO LABEL. "Milligan fans will enjoy his usual bickering miserable characters, but this talky West Coast movie tries to be artistic (lots of blackouts), sensitive, & sensational. Donny (Steve Burlington) lives in a shed behind an old lady's house, does errands for her, & collects junk. Long-haired locals torment him, beat him up, & make him crawl like a dog. Donny seems like a fairly normal, shy, young voyeur but people talk about him like he's a monster. He makes friends with a lonely, short, nice girl in a leg brace who has been raped. His horrible mother calls him stupid, beats him with a belt, and says his father was her brother. she cuts an angel food cake with a meat cleaver. There's a (very phoney) decapitated head, a cross thrust through a woman's chest, electrocution by Xmas lights, a pitchfork through the neck, hands cut off, puking, but nothing is really shown happening. One of the topless scenes features porno star Gina Carrera (I think). At the end Donny's girlfriend asks..."Why can't people be nice to one another?" -psychotronic video guideships in a plain sleeve with no artwork.