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Fifteen years ago Pandora's Box was opened, and great evil was unleashed in the land of Sforzend. Queen Horn has done her best to seal the monsters that were released, but now her power grows weak. She sends word to Staccato Village that her daughter, Flute, must be returned to her, so that she can use her innate power to save the world from destruction. Flute is placed in the care of her friend Hamelin, and along with his familiar/mentor Oboe (who is a talking black crow). The three set out to the capital, fighting enemies, acquiring allies and unraveling the mystery that is Hamelin along the way.Dialogue : Japanese Subtitle : Chinese/English/Off Region : All Region, Free Code DVDx3 Screen : 4:3 Audio : Ac3, 2.0 Series Type : TV Series System : NTSC Episodes : 1-26 Running Time : Approximately 625 mins