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Here it is! The entire series of the Tom Green Show on 7 DVDs. I had been searching long and hard for a set of the Tom Green Show episodes on DVD, and have been very unsuccessful. So I decided to put the work in on converting my old VHS tapes of the show onto DVD, because MTV will probably never release these to buy (I hope they do, with bonus footage!). Anyway, all 29 episodes are included on 7 discs. The 29 episodes includes both Monica Lewinski and Cancer specials, and are the original airings. The only flaw in this set is that the last few minutes of episode 28 are missing, but like I said earlier this is the most complete set that is out there. If you find one with the full episode 28, please let me know because I would like to upgrade my copy. The quality is 8/10, because remember this show was on in
99-00, so they were obviously VHS sourced. Don't settle for some of the lesser quality versions of this set that are out there. I originally created this set, so yours will be coming from my master copies.
The set will be $14.00. I only accept paypal. Would consider trades, but it has to be something that I am
really looking for. The discs will come in plain white paper disc sleeves, no artwork. Shipping will be $4.00 to the USA, and $15.00 to the rest of the world. For those from other countries, I am sorry about the shipping costs but international shipping rates just had a 105% increase and I dislike it just as much as you but there is nothing I can do.
No refunds, but defective discs will be replaced. These are DVD-Rs so make sure your player plays them
before buying (most do). If you have any questions, feel free to ask.