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1995 made for TV movie starring Alyssa Milano & Connie Selleca.
Amy Winslow (Alyssa Milano) wants to go to art college but can't get her financial aid approved. A help wanted ad leads to a couple that will let her move into their quiet guest home rent free, a dream come true except that Joan(Connie Selleca) wants Amy to be a surrogate mother for her next child. Little does Amy know the dark sinister reasons behind her desire, the scandalous death of Joan's first infant child and the fear she might hurt her next baby. The baby is adopted before Amy wakes up in the hospital, leading to a dangerous confrontation to claim the child finally for her own.
Vhs to dvd-r transfer, quality 7/10. No artwork included. Disc will ship in plain sleeve. Free shipping in the usa, outside the usa, please add 2.00 for shipping. Thanks! :)