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It's a crying shame that only one series of six episodes was made of the Steam Video Company. The programmes starred the same repertory cast of comic actors in a variety of roles. The cast included: William Franklyn, Barry Cryer, Anna Dawson, Bob Todd, Madeline Smith and Jimmy Mulville. It couldn't have lasted, but while it did, it was glorious.


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Play For Today series
a day out ( alan Bennett )

A Photograph ( Timecoded )

barmitzvah boy

Blooming youth

Blue Remembered Hills

brassneck   ( TIMECODED)

cathy come home


Country Party ( timecoded )

double dare

East of Ipswich-Michael Palin

edna the inebriate woman

evelyn  ( timecoded )

Experience preferred but not essential ( Jack Rosenthal)

Follow the yellow brick road

Funny Farm ( timecoded )

Generals Day ( TIMECODED )

Grown Ups

Iris in the traffic-ruby in the rain

it's only make believe ( potter - timecoded )

Joes Ark

Just another boys Game

Just Another Saturday

Land of Green Ginger

Leeds United

muscle market

Oh Fat White Woman ( timecoded )

our day out

pendas fen

The Rainbirds

Red letter day-Ready when you are mr Mcgill

roll on 4 o clock

Saturday Party

son of man

Soft Targets

spend spend spend

Stockers Copper

stronger than the sun

Sunset across The bay

the evacuees

the fishing party

The Golden Vision

The Spongers

The Vampires ( Timecoded )

The War Game


where adam stood

Z for Zachariah

Armchair theatre
A Magnum For Scneider

A Night Out

Mr's Cappers Birthday

Man And Mirror

Dr Kabil

Last Word On Julie

The Swindler

Long Past Glory

The Cherry On Top

Scent Of Fear


Dont Utter A Note

The Man Out There

The Chocolate Tree

Danger! Men Working

The Trial Of Mr Fancy

I Can Destroy The Sun

Omega Mystery

Sharp At 4

The Ship That Couldn't Stop

The Cupboard

The Snag

Where I Live

Call Me Daddy

The Big Deal

the Noise Stopped

The Criminals

Lena Oh Lena
Other Titles

A matter of life and death

Alas Smith and Jones  series 1

Alas Smith and Jones  series 2

Alas Smith and Jones  series 10

Armchair Thriller-Rachel in Danger

big jim and the figaro club(pilot)

Big Jim and the Figaro Club series

Billy Fury I gotta horse

billy fury-play it cool

Black Eyes ( Dennis Potter )

Blaster Bates - Stand Well Back

Bless This House ( The Movie 1972 )

Coogans Run ( Full Series )

Steve Coogan - The Man who thinks that he's it

blood on the dole

Brazen Hussies ( Julie Walters and Crissy Rock )

Brendons Chase all 13 episodes

bullion boys

by the sea  ( Two Ronnies )

The Children of Green Knowe

common as muck series 1

common as muck series 2

cowboys ( Roy Kinnear ,Series 1, 2 and the 2 episodes that were made of series 3 )

Crapston Villas series one

Crapston Villas Series Two

curry and chips (milligan and sykes 3 episodes 1 of which is timecoded )

Dancing Thru The Dark

dark season

Dear John Series One

Dear John - Series Two

diamond geezer

Dick Emery-Legacy of Murder Complete

Elephant ( Allan Clarke )

Experience preferred but not essential ( Jack Rosenthal)

eric sykes its your move

eric sykes mr h is late

First and last ( wonderful drama starring Joss Ackland as a man attempting a walk from John o' Groats to Lands End )

First of the Summer Wine series one

First of the Summer Wine Series Two

Ferry Cross  the mersey ( Gerry Marsden Movie )

Girls Night ( Julie Walters )

Going out  80s school drama

Go With Noakes-The Liffey Descent

Go with Noakes-Castleford Rules ok !!!

Grizzly Adams - 70s series starring Den Hegerty ( will play on pc only )

Harry Worth -How's your father series one

harry worth - How's your father series two

Heres Harry 6 Episodes

Harry Worth- My Name is Harry Worth

hell drivers

Heroes of Comedy-Max Wall

Heroes of Comedy-Tommy Cooper

Heroes of Comedy-Max Miller

Heroes of Comedy-Sid James

Heroes of Comedy-Tony Hancock

Heroes of Comedy-Alastair Sim

Junk - all 3 episodes of this gritty drama

journey to the unknown (all 17 episodes)

Kenny Everett Television Show series one

Kenny Everett Television Show series two

Le Petomane starring Leonard Rossiter

Ladybird Ladybird ( Chrissy Rock )

lost for words

Love Thy Neighbour ( Movie )

Love Thy Neighbour Series 7

Made in Britain ( Tim Roth )

Machine Gunners ( childrens Classic )

meat loaf - live in Germany

mr harvey lights a candle ( Timothy Spall )

my name is harry worth all 8 episodes

Nearest and Dearest series two

newman and baddiel in pieces ( full series)

no surrender ( Cracking Liverpool Comedy ,Bernard Hill,Michael Angelis )

Norbett Smith - A life of ( Harry Enfield )

Oh no it's Selwyn Froggitt series 1

Oh no it's Selwyn Froggitt series 2

The Gaffer Series 2 and 3

orient-club for a fiver ,(hilarious fly on the wall documentary )

Parkinsons Last ever Chat Show,( Billy Connolly,Dame Edna Everage,Michael Caine,Peter Kay)

Professional Foul ( Tom Stoppard )

Rentaghost series 1

Rentaghost series 3

Road ( Allan Clarke )

Roger Roger ( pilot episode )

Roger Roger Series One

Roger Roger Series Two

Roger Roger Series Three

Russ Abbots Madhouse ( 3 episodes )

Sandwich Man- Michael Bentine-Norman Wisdom

saturday night armistice

Seasons Greetings ( Alan Ayckbourn )

selwyn ( follow on from selwyn froggit 5 EPISODES)

Spike Milligan q6 q7 and q8

Spike Milligan-Postmans Knock

Spike Milligan-Invasion Quartet

Spike Milligan-There's a lot of it about 3 episodes

spring and port wine ( James Mason ,Rodney Bewes )

Staggering Stories of Ferdinand De Bargos - 3 Episodes

The Campers/Four Candles  ( Two Ronnies )

the changes ( weird 70s childrens drama )

The Fall And Rise Of Reginald Perrin Series One

The Fall And Rise Of Reginald Perrin series Two

The Fall And Rise Of Reginald Perrin Series Three

the leaving of liverpool

The Nat King Cole Show ( 6 episodes featuring ,Sammy Davis Jnr ,Billy Ecksteine,Peggy Lee etc )

Tap ( Sammy Davis Jnr )

Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts (Dean Martin )

Dean Martin celebrity roasts ( Frank Sinatra )

Dean Martin celebrity roasts ( Sammy Davis Jnr )

Tony Bennett Live in Concert

The Norman Conquests ( Alan Ayckbourn )

the picnic  ( Two Ronnies )

this boys story

this is personal ( 2 part yorkshire ripper drama )

tina goes shopping

tina takes a break

Up the Elephant and Round the Castle - Jim Davidson series 1

vaccuuming completely nude in paradise ( Timothy Spall )

Violent Playground ( Stanley Baker ,Freddie Starr )

way upstream

wheeltappers and shunters( all 36 episodes)

where the buffalo roam

wide eyed and legless Prequel to Lost for words

this is your life...

Doris Hare

gerry marsden

Bette Davis

Ken Dodd

Laurel and Hardy

norman wisdom


max bygraves

John Humphrys

Simon Cowell

Vincent Price

peter butterworth

reg varney

The Carpenters

Spike Milligan

Jayne Mansfield

tom baker

Bobby Darin
The Muppet show episodes

Dudley Moore

John Cleese

Peter Sellers

Spike Milligan

Victor Borge
a taste of honey ( Dora Bryan ,Rita Tushingham )

Alexei Sayles Liverpool  all 3 episodes

Alexei Sayle-Merry go round

An Audience With Ronnie Corbett

An Audience With Bruce forsyth

An Audience with Dame Edna Everage

An Audience with Dudley Moore

An Audience With Freddie Starr

The Freddie Starr Show- 6 episodes

An Audience with Peter Ustinov

An Audience with Ken Dodd ( including 45 minutes not shown on tv )

Another audience with Ken Dodd ( including 40 minutes of previously  unshown material )

The Brittas Empire ,Chris Barrie)

beyond the fringe.peter cook dudley moore(1964 gala performance)

Break in the Sun ( all 6 episodes ,timeclock )

Brendon Chase all 13 episodes

chelmsford 123 series 1 and 2

Christmas Night with the stars 1994

Citizen James ( Sid James- Timecoded )

come fill the cup ( cagney )

Crackerjack (3 episodes from the 50s )

Dave Allen at Large

The Dick Emery show ( 3 dvds)

Dusty Springfield-Reflections

First of the Summer Wine series one and two

Goodies 5 very rare episodes from 1970

Get Some In Series 4

Get Some In !! series 5 ( army comedy ,Tony Selby ,Brian Pettifer

Heroes of Comedy-Tony Hancock

Hancock the ATV series  ( 6 various episodes )

Hancock the egg commercials

Tony Hancock-The Blackpool Show ( feat. Freddie " parrottface" Davies
Rockin Berries )

Hancock live at the royal festival

Tony Hancock - The Rebel

Tony Hancock - The Australian Show

Hancocks half hour-Twelve Angry Men

Tony Hancock - Screen One Biopic

Tony Hancock- the Goverment inspector

French fields series 3

here comes the double deckers

Heroes of British Comedy -
"over 2 hours of comedy featuring ,Ken Dodd,Frankie Howard, Spike Milligan , Max Miller ,
Morecambe and wise , Norman Wisdom, George Formby and many many more"

hobsons choice ( Charles Laughton,John Mills )

humphrey jennings the man who knew britain

Johnny Cash -Live at San Quinten  ( colour )

Knights of God complete

Live at the Palladium 1963

meet the wife 8 episodes Timecoded

Melody ( Mark Lester & Jack Wilde )

mike and bernie winters big night out 3 seperate shows

Mike Bassett - Soccer Manager ( TV Series )

Morecambe and Wise Live on Stage

Morecambe & Wise Xmas special 1971

Morecambe & Wise ITV years Series One

My Wife Next Door Best Of Series One

Norman Wisdom & Bruce Forsyth - Live at the Palladium  1961

opportunity knocks winners final 1968 & 70s

Pete and Dud - 2 interviews with Mavis Nicholson

ready steady go 7 episodes

Record breakers all star 1977 christmas show

Royal Variety 1972 featuring  Danny La Rue Liberace Elton John  Ken Dodd
Dickie Henderson and many many more  ( Timecoded but fantastic quality)

Royal Variety 1973 - Dick Emery,Les Dawson  etc ( timecoded )

Royal Variety 1989,Tina Turner,Chris De Burgh,Freddie Starr. Etc

The Secret of Santa Vittoria

Sink or Swim- ( Peter Davidson . series three)

The Steam Video Company ( all 6 episodes ,Bob Todd ,William Franklin
etc )

south bank show norman wisdom

Sunday Night At The London Palladium (22nd March 1964) hosted by Bruce
Forsyth with Freddie & The Dreamers and Billy Russell. Includes all original
commercials (no timecode).

Sykes series 1,3,4,5

the amazing mr blunden

the beatles ( animated cartoon series ) series 3

The Hollies Live Concert 1969

the best of shindig

The London Palladium Show (1966) with Morecambe & Wise Bob Monkhouse Tom
Jones Millicent Martin. Hosted by Kate Smith.

the red balloon ( 1956) Charming tale about a young schoolboy who befriends
a balloon

the yellow balloon ( Andrew Ray )

there was this fella....profile of liverpool stand ups

Toms Midnight Garden

Till Death us do part  various episodes

Tommy Trinder -Live from the windmill theatre

Tuckers Luck series one

Tuckers Luck- Series Two

Tuckers Luck series three


Z CARS- 34 rare episodes

THE LIKELY LADS   41 episodes

HIGHWAY TO HEAVEN  14 episodes


BLESS THIS HOUSE 65 episodes

Shelley Series 1,2,3

Hammer House of Horror 13 episodes

Liver Birds 13 episodes

The Littlest Hobo (London) various episodes

Home To Roost series 1,2,3

Duty Free Series 1,2,3,4




The Human Jungle various episodes





THE GOLDEN GIRLS  24 episodes