Item Description
Released on Chelsea records back in the mid-'90s this CD comp
collects a bunch of rare or unreleased cuts that any Smiths fan
would want to own. No subsequent boot discs have improved on the
sound quality of these tracks so this remains the ultimate source.
Please note that this is an ORIGINAL silver CD, not a copy of any
sort. I've not personally seen another copy of this in years and
I've heard of examples fetching $35-$50 online. I have 3 originals
to sell (I traded for them way back and recently rediscovered them)
but I'm keeping the price affordable. Condition is excellent,
unplayed. Here's the tracklisting then:
What's The World? (Glasgow Barrowlands,
25-9-85 from UK Cassette of "I Started Something.....")
Half a Person
Sweet and Tender Hooligan
Is it Really So Strange?
What Difference Does it Make?
Accept Yourself
Wonderful Woman
Reel Around the Fountain
What Difference Does it Make?
Wonderful Woman
These Things Take Time
I Don't Owe You Anything
Hand in Glove
Miserable Lie
Accept Yourself
Hand in Glove (Encore)
You've got Everything Now (Amsterdam De
Meervaart Hall, 21-4-84)
Tracks: 2-5 from The final John Peel
Session, Radio One, broadcast 17-12-86, 6-8 from the Troy Tate
sessions, 9-17 from the Rockgarden, London 7-7-83