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English version of this rare giallo from Ottavio Alessi (NERO VENEZIANO).

"All the angst in THE SEDUCERS is generated by Maud Belleroche, playing a Medusa-like, oil-rich matron with exotic sexual appetites who has brought Maurizio Bonuglia, a hip, blonde operator, his wife, Rosalba Neri, and their equally free-swinging girlfriend, Edwige Fenech, aboard her yacht to arouse the manly instincts of her 20-year-old son, Ruggero Miti, who still plays with his toy trains.

Despite all the pairing off, there are complications naturally when a simple peasant girl, Eva Thulin, is enticed aboard from her island home to have a go at the son, who seems to admire her. And there's her loutish fisherman-husband, who fouls things up when he turns up seeking his missing wife and ends up being seduced and knocked off."

picture: 8/10

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