Item Description
This rare Paul Newman comedy is offered on a DVD+R dual
layer disc in NTSC Format. PLEASE make sure your player
accepts this media before ordering this title! (PAL format
also available!)
Synopsis: It is 1943 in Europe. The Allies have a
propaganda problem: five of their one-star Generals have been
captured and are being held in Italy, refusing to take orders from
each other and unable to reach a consensus for an escape
plan. Enter Harry Frigg, a buck private who has a penchant
for escapes. Harry is promoted to Major General (two stars)
and sent in to get the five out. Harry is willing to
cooperate, but then he meets the Countess, and the Italian Colonel
who is holding them is getting promoted to General.... Paul
Newman has great fun as Harry Frigg. Sylvia Koscina is the
Countess, and the Generals are Andrew Duggan, Tom Bosely, John
Williams, Charles Gray, Jacques Roux, and Vito Scotti. James
Gregory, Werner Peters, Norman Fell, and Johnny
Haymer are also in the cast. Made in 1968, the film runs
110 minutes.
This disc was mastered from an excellent full-screen VHS tape;
the colour and sound are excellent. (Please see frame grabs
for quality.)
The disc also includes special bonus features on the
cast. It comes with full colour label & artwork in a
DVD Case, and ships in a padded mailer.
Nitpickers please note: There is a physical wrinkle in the
rare commercial VHS tape used to master this film. The result
is two very brief & minor flaws in the middle of the opening
credits. Neither one is over any major names or credits, and
once this point is passed, the rest of the film is perfect.
This disc is formatted NTSC. If you prefer PAL, please
specify. PAL discs will also contain bonus features!
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This film is not available commercially on DVD and believed to
be in the public domain.
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