Item Description
Never before in history has it been possible
for all of the musicians to play all of the music without
interruption and without experiencing some errors

has finally made it possible for music to be
played fully and completely from start to finish.
The easily detachable, lightweight, 20 inch,
multi-touch monitor (less than an inch thick) that can display two
full pages of music at once. It is also a fully functional, all in
one computer (with windows and all of the usual software you
normally get with a new computer) that can sit on your desk (mouse
and keyboard include) and be used for home or business when you are
not playing.
The stand, with a footprint less than that of
the old style music stands (but far more stable) which is
adjustable to whatever height is most comfortable for you.
A wireless dual functional foot pedal which
enables you to page forward or back.
Software that enables you to convert and
utilize any music files scan or download from the web
  (our website
contains thousands) into
The Prodigy
If you are ready to experience what it’s like to practice and
play using
The Prodigy
for yourself order the Prodigy now. 
The features of
The Prodigy

Automatically changes page with wireless foot

Displays two full pages of music

Make corrections, notations, bowing, dynamics,
etc. with a single touch 

Metronome & tuner system 

Highlight specific passages with different
colors for practice purposes 

A/C Adapter or battery (up to 5

Recording of each piece and ability to record

Change font size with a touch for easier

Provides tempo and pitch correction to ensure
perfect practice 

Incredible HD image clarity for improved

Monitor is less than 1” thick with an
Optical Multi Touch Screen 

Wireless feature allows you to download
additional music quickly anywhere there is an Internet

Capable of storing all of you music in one
place so it is always available
Pays for itself by eliminating the cost of countless sheets of
paper and printer cartridges you won’t need to buy!