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Starring: Peter Barton, Louis Gossett, Jr., Amy Steel, Chip
Frye and James Karen
Matthew star may have looked just like any other student at
Crestridge High, but he was actually a crown prince from the planet
Quadris, who, when his father had been overthrown by tyrants, had
been sent to Earth to allow his powers of telepathy and telekinesis
to develop. Eventually, when he was ready, Matthew would return to
fight the oppressors. In the meantime, he and his guardian, Walt
Shephard, were forced to hide from their Quadrian foes, who might
appear that any time in human, robot, or other form. Despite the
danger, Matthew tried to lead a normal life as a student. He
excelled at sports and even had a cute girlfriend named Pam and a
friend named Bob. Walt was a science teacher and football coach at
Crestridge and posed as Matthew's legal guardian. By midseason
Matthew's powers were expanding and his activities were no longer
based at the school. He now utilized his powers to help the
government fight espionage and other crimes, on assignments from
Major Wymore.
Overall Set Quality (scale of 1-10): 8.5
DVD #1
Star Knight
The Accused
DVD #2
The Italian Caper
The Triangle
DVD #3
Matthew Star: D.O.A.
The Racer's Edge
Dead Man's Hand
DVD #4
36 Hours
The Quadrian Caper
Brain Drain
The Great Waldo Shepard
Road Rebels
Swords and Quests
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