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Starring: Judson Scott and Richard Lynch
Bennu was a messenger from an alien world who had come to earth 1,500 years before as a scout from a dying civilization. He had been entombed in a pre-Incan sarcophagus in the Andes. Centuries later, when modern scientists had stumbled upon him and revived him, his goal became finding Mira, his partner, now in some other ancient burial ground somewhere in North America. Along the way he lent his exceptional powers, vested in the amulet he wore around his neck, to people in distress.

Notable guest stars include: Shelley Smith, Shannen Doherty, Andrea Marcovicci and Tracey Gold.

Overall Set Quality (scale of 1-10): 7.5

In Search of Mira
The Fire Within
One of Them
A Presence of Evil

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