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This set includes all thirteen aired episodes of the short lived series The Others that was NBC's ill-conceived attempt to take on the X-Files in 2000.
Series cast summary:

Julianne Nicholson as Marian Kitt
Gabriel Macht as Dr. Mark Gabriel
Missy Crider as Ellen "Satori" Polaski
Bill Cobbs as Elmer Greentree
John Billingsley as Prof. Miles Ballard
Kevin J. O'Connor as Warren Day
John Aylward as Albert McGonnagal
Katerina Gavala as Sheena

These dvds come from two sets of source material: episodes 101, 102, and 106 come from a station in Brazil. The audio is entirely English, but there are hardcoded Portuguese subtitles. All other episodes are from the Canadian Space channel.

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101 Pilot [hardcoded Portuguese subtitles]
102 Unnamed [hardcoded Portuguese subtitles]

103 Eyes
104 Souls on Board

105 1112
106 Luciferous [hardcoded Portuguese subtitles]

107 Theta
108 Don't Dream It's Over

109 The Ones That Lie in Wait
110 Till Then

111 $4.95 a Minute
112 Life is for the Living
113 Mora

Screencaps used to illustrate this listing are taken directly from this set with no additional enhancement.
No official release on either vhs or dvd.

* completely uncut
* English audio
* no commercials
* simple menus
* TDK dvd-r , plain sleeves
* NTSC /region 0