Item Description
Very rare and obscure Italian gothic horror
from the early 70's. Full screen English subtitled print.
This title deserves all the
attention a cult movie should. It has all the elements proper to
the genre it represents. A witch, a castle, a malediction, an
'investigator of the occult', some morbid sexual themes, a rich and
grainy photography focused on warm and thick colors like red and
Amateur detective Jean Dupris
(Pierre Brice) is summoned to the home of his friend Gil. Not long
after Dupris and his wife (Patrizia Viotti) arrive Gil dies in his
sleep. Gil's companion turns out to be a witch who kidnaps women,
engages them in sex orgies and then kills them when she's through.
Dupris decides to hang around and help solve these range murders.
Unfortunately he doesn't notice that his wife has fallen under the
control of the lesbian witch, who enjoys scratching female
breasts."Night of the Damned" is a pretty sleazy Italian Gothic
horror with beautiful women and a good amount of nudity.
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