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Here you will find the ultimate collection of Jack Kirby's "The New Gods" comics from DC comics. Included on this disc are:

The complete 11-issue Volume 01 run.

The unpublished Issue #12 of Volume 01.

The complete 8-issue run of "Return of The New Gods", identified as issues #12-19 of Volume 01.

The complete 6-issue Deluxe Reprint graphic novel editions of Volume 01.

The one-shot special graphic novel "Jack Kirby's The Hungry Dogs", his sequel to the original Volume 01 run.

The complete 28-issue Volume 02 run.

The complete 15-issue Volume 03 run.

The one-shot special "Secret Files & Origins #01".

This entire collection is here on one DVD-ROM!

All editions are scanned into Adobe Acrobat Reader (.pdf) format, and are of excellent quality. Read them on your computer screen, ebook reader, or print the pages to make your own hard copies! You will never find a more complete collection anywhere!

DVD-ROM comes with a full-color label, and is shipped in a plastic disc keeper in a padded envelope for added protection. First Class shipping upon receipt of payment. Combine sets at no additional shipping charge! NOTE: Will trade complete sets for unopened die-cast movie & TV vehicles!

An absolute must-have for any comic collector! Ask me about my other comics collections.