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65 Works on One DVDROM on the Murder of Michael Servetus, with Book on other Heresies

On October 27, 1553 John Calvin, the Protestant Reformer and the founder of Calvinism, had Michael Servetus, the Spanish physician, burned at the stake just outside of Geneva for writing De Trinitatis Erroribus (the Error of the Trinity), a Unitarian work denying the Doctrine of the Trinity. These books will elucidate you even more on this fascinating and dark moment in Christian history.
Mostly scanned from originals in pdf/acrobat format:

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The Life of Michael Servetus: The Spanish Physician, Who, for the Alleged Crime of Heresy was Burned by John Calvin - 1848
by William Hamilton Drummond
Calvin and Servetus, the Reformer's Share in the Trial of Michael Servetus historically ascertained by Albert Rilliet 1846

Servetus and Calvin; a Study of an Important Epoch in the Early History of the Reformation by Robert Willis 1877

An Apology for Dr. Michael Servetus by Richard Wright 1806

John Calvin: His Errors, Ignorance, Misconceptions, Absurdities and Errors by T Hinchman 1891

Michael Servetus, his Life and Teachings by C. Ohdner 1910

The Champions of the Church: their Crimes and Persecutions by De Robigne Mortimer Bennett 1878

A Rragedy of the Reformation, being the Authentic Narrative of the History and Burning of the "Christianismi restitutio," 1553, with a succinct account of the Theological Controversy between Michael Servetus, its author, and the reformer, John Calvin by DAvid Cuthbertson 1912

Addresses, biographical and historical (Michael Servetus)

History of the Christian Church by Wilhelm Moeller 1893

(Discusses Servetus and Anti-Trinitarianism)
Antitrinitarian biography by Robert Wallace 1850

Michael Servetus: Reformer, Physiologist and Martyr (Article in The Popular science monthly) 1892

John Calvin: the Organiser of Reformed Protestantism by W. Walker 1906

Michael Servetus, Article on the New World, A Quarterly Review of Religion, Ethics and Theology 1892

Calvin and Servetus, Article in the Harvard theological review 1909


John Calvin in Church and State in the Living Age Magazine 1870

The Life and Death of Michael Servetus in BiblioTheca Sacra 1846

Ingersollia (222. The Murder of Servetus)

The Burning of Servetus in the Union Seminary Magazine

The Death of Servetus in the Churchmen's Monthly Review 1847

Calvin and Servetus and the Doctrine of Limited Atonement by AN Alcott 1880

Studies of religious history by Ernest Renan 1893

The Life and Times of John Calvin Volume 1 by Paul Henry 1849

The Life and Times of John Calvin Volume 2 by Paul Henry 1849

An Inquiry into the Comparative Moral Tendency of Trinitarian and Unitarian Doctrines by Jared Sparks 1823

History of ethics within organized Christianity By Thomas Cuming Hall 1910

Martyrdoms Of Literature by By Robert Henry Vickers 1891

Henry's Life of Calvin in the Theological and Literary Journal 1853

An Impartial History of Michael Servetus 1724 (some pages hard to read)

Michael Servetus: Reformer, Physiologist, in the Gentleman's Magazine 1892

Evolution, and its Bearing on Religions by AJ Dadson 1901

"Those who look upon the Protestant Church as the friend of progress should remember that the Protestants roasted Servetus, a good man, over a slow fire, because he had said that he believed the Holy Ghost animates the whole system of Nature like a soul of the world."

The True Story of Servetus by Professor JW Richards in The Magazine of Christian Literature 1890

The Man, Calvin in the Universalist Quarterly Review 1851

Michael Servetus, in the Unitarian Review 1885

The Reformer of Geneva (with a section on Servetus) By Charles Woodruff Shields 1898

Unitarianism: its Origin and History 1890

Early sources of English Unitarian Christianity by BM Gaston 1884

Plus you also get these books:

The Andover Heresy: In the Matter of the Complaint Against Egbert C. Smyth and Others
by Egbert Coffin Smyth 1887

After Strange Gods - a Primer of Modern Heresy by TS Eliot

Mahometanism Unveiled Vol 2: An Inquiry in which that Arch-heresy, Its Diffusion and Continuance
by Charles Forster

Moravian Heresy by John Roche - 1751 - 319 pages

Discussion of Universalism: Or, A Defence of Orthodoxy Against the Heresy of Universalism
by William Latta McCalla 1825 - 309 pages

The Arians of the Fourth Century
by John Henry Newman - 1876 - 470 pages

The Millennial Dawn Heresy (Charles Russell - Russellism)
by E.L. Eaton, D.D. - 1911

History of the Reformation in the Sixteenth Century by J. H. Merle D'Aubigne, D.D. (a classic work)

The Secret Life: Being the Book of a Heretic
by Elizabeth Bisland, Elizabeth Bisland Wetmore - 1906 - 308 pages

A Debate on Christian Baptism - 1824 - Alexander Campbell 418 pages

A Debate on the Roman Catholic Religion - 1837 - 366 pages

Campbellism Exposed - 1860 - Alexander Campbell 277 pages

Debates on the Evidences of Christianity - 1829 - Alexander Campbell 558 pages

Debate on Infant Sprinkling - 1820 - Alexander Campbell 219 pages

A Debate on Christian Baptism
by Alexander Campbell, William Latta McCalla - 1824 - 420 pages

The Cure of Deism: Or, the Mediatorial Scheme by Jesus Christ
by Elisha Smith- 1737

Bible Proofs of Universal Salvation
by John Wesley Hanson - 1903 - 100 pages

A Debate on the Doctrine of Universal Salvation by Enoch Merrill Pingree, Nathan Lewis Rice - 1845 - 420 pages

An Oral Debate on the Coming of the Son of Man and Endless Punishment
by Erasmus Manford, Benjamin Franklin 1860 - 350 pages

Christ's Second Coming: Will it be Pre-millennial?
by David Brown - 1882 - 460 pages

Russell-White Debate: A Public Discussion
by Charles Taze Russell, Lloyd Smith White - 1908 - 190 pages

Faith in the Holy Trinity, the Doctrine of the Gospel, and Sabellian Unitarianism shewn to be "The God-denying Apostacy": in a connected series of letters By William Hales 1818

Sectarianism is Heresy: in three parts in which are shewn its nature, Evils and Remedy by Andrew Wylie 1840

The Albigensian Heresy 1922

A Dictionary of Christian biography and literature to the end of the sixth century A.D., with an account of the Principal Sects and Heresies by Henry Wace 1911

Scans may reflect the antiquated quality of the original. Let's face it, many of these
books are really old and often hard to read. Sometimes (though rarely) pages may be faded,
torn, or missing. Most people, as you can tell by my feedback are very happy though, and
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