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From Ron and June Ormond, this rare exploitation classic has it all! Sleaze, strippers, gore. One of the best kept secrets of American Cinema. Full screen print in English audio. Print is a 6.5 out of ten, not great, but the only way to see this classic.

Ah, Ron Ormond. Only the most studious of cult and psychotronic film buffs are familiar with his work, which is entirely a shame. The man was as visionary and crackpot as Ed Wood but, with the exception of "Mesa of the Lost Women" (far from his finest work), his catalog remains unjustly obscure. However, if you are willing to dig deep, you'll discover a world of undiscovered trash classics, films that deserve to be place in the highest pantheon of so-bad-they're-good classics, from his hicksploitation works to his later born again (but still just as exploitive and wrong headed) Jesus flicks. And this here, "The Monster and the Stripper", is one of his most entertaining outputs, only given competition by "If Footmen Tire You, What Will Horses Do?" as the most insane from the Ormond clan.
I can't exactly put into words my adoration for this little flick, but I'll try. The film is set in the sleazy striptease clubs of the 50s (despite being made in 1968), back when the tease part mattered as much as the strip. The film begins with a series of lousy (and hilariously bizarre) stripper acts. The film has a tawdry color scheme that'd put Frank Tashlin and John Waters to outright shame (or delight). The characters are all stock types, including redneck mobsters who run the club. Eventually, a seven foot tall monster is brought in as the star attraction, played by legendary rockabilly singer Sleepy LaBeef. Many plot details are completely unexplained, most of them revolving around the monster. However, that just makes this sleaze classic all the more surreal and its heights of lunacy reach Ed Wood. If you are a dedicated consumer of 60s drive-in swill or Something Weird-style exploitation, than "The Monster and the Stripper" is a must!

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