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Aka: The 1000 Eyes of Su-Muru ; The Slaves of Sumuru; Sumura.
Runtime: 95 min., Language: English, Color.
Avalon and Nader are an ill-equipped pair of American agents who assist British intelligence in stopping the sexy, sadistic Eaton. Eaton plans to rule the world by enslaving everyone with her army of women (hence, the million eyes). Her plan is foiled thanks to the unfaltering wit of Avalon and Nader posing as aides to Kinski, who is turned into stone at the end. After tossing the agents into her torture chamber, Eaton finds herself up against the Hong Kong police, who eventually obliterate her island with explosives. RIO 70 is the equally lame sequel.
Director's comments... This is NOT the film I shot.. they had some other guy shoot more scenes (terrible) and removed all the comedy I and the cast, George Nader, Klaus Kinski and Frankie Avalon had contributed to the film. In removing these gems the editing was a disaster, they tried to make a serious picture out of Shirly Eaton and her female army taking over the world....
Director - Lindsay Shonteff;
Writer - Kevin Kavanagh, original story by Peter Welbeck (Harry Alan Towers), based on books and characters created by Sax Rohmer
Cast: Frankie Avalon, George Nader, Shirlie Eaton, Wilfred Hyde White, Klaus Kinski.
Fair quality considering how rare it is.

  Comes in a plastic case with the label pictured.

NTSC, All Region DVD.