Item Description
This will be a fun series to watch again. Admittedly the
animation is very sparse but it maintains the feel of reading the
comics all over again which is what Stan Lee intended (along with
no doubt, a sparse budget!)...there were 5 Super Heroes highlighted
in this series:
1. Captain America, who has The Red Skull as his main
2. Hulk, who frequently battles The Leader.
3. Iron Man and his early years foe, The Mandarin.
4. Thor and his evil brother Loki.
5. Sub-Mariner who was basically angry at everybody.
The show aired in early 1966 and was cancelled after one
season, but there were enough cartoons made to make this set worth
while. Unlike the later seasons of the 60's Spiderman, when Ralph
Bakshi turned the Web Slingers adventures into a drug induced
bizzaro fest, the Marvel Super Hero series remained faithful to its
Just a reminder that you will not be witnessing classic
animation in these toons (no MTV Digital Spiderman here)
but you will find much to enjoy.... whether you are a baby boomer
40 year old, a teen wanting to experience a more simpler time in
comic book storytelling, or a comic book buff who wants to recount
how the origins and early plots of these characters developed you
will be pleased viewing the Marvel Super Hero Set...recommended
without reservation....   The artwork is classic
Jack Kirby, Don Heck, Steve Ditko, and Gene Colan
stuff. The voice actors did a great job with the dialogue and
performed their lines in a way that must be considered the de-facto
superhero standard because it was so comic-book like.These sets are
offered exclusively for the Sony PsP format in high quality H.264
Compression at 720x480 resolution which is also viewable on a HDTV
set when using the special PsP video output cable. This set is
offered for those that are interested in how early animation
developed as well as the various characters. All formatting has
been done for you all you have to do is simply copy the various
story folder into your PsP video directory. These files should play
in high quality on any PsP with firmware 3.30 and above! I accept
all payment methods listed above. Thank You For Shopping At My