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Dr. Alfred Morris lectures to his chemistry students
that the ancient Mayans may have discovered a poisonous gas that
caused a state of "death in life". His prize pupil Ted Allison is
fascinated by the possibility of such a gas. Dr. Morris soon takes
advantage of his pupils zeal and exposes him to the ancient gas,
turning him into an obedient zombie. A series of grave robberies
and mutilations soon follows drawing the attention of the local
police. Things are complicated by the lovely singer
Isabel Lewis,Ted's fiancee whom the professor also
desires. While not in his zombie state Ted asks Isabel to marry him
and she refuses. The professor and his prize pupil soon learn that
she has fallen for her concert pianist. The professor and his
mindless victim continue to perform horrific acts. Who will stop
the Mad Ghoul?
1943- Running Time 65 Minutes
Directed By James Hogan
DVD-R Format Will Play Worldwide
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