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The Lost World of Communism
BBC Documentary Series - 3 Episodes - 154 min.

1989 was a year of revolution. It marked the collapse of communism in Eastern and Central Europe and an end to an entire way of life for millions of people behind the Iron Curtain.

Beginning in Hungary, the retreat from communism picked up speed over the summer when the Poles won an overwhelming victory in free elections over their pro-Soviet rulers. In the fall, East Germany and Czechoslovakia achieved freedom with surprisingly little violence. Only Romania, at the end of the year, witnessed a savage battle in the capital and the summary execution of the most notorious of Eastern Europe's dictators, Nicolae Ceausescu.

In The lost World of Communism, award winning producer of history and current affairs series for the BBC Peter Molloy and his team, collect first hand testimony from the people who lived in East Germany, Czechoslovakia and Romania during the Cold War era and reveal an astonishingly rich tapestry of experience that goes beyond the headlines of spies and surveillance, secret police and political corruption - in fact, a number of people remember their lives under communism as perfectly ordinary and even hanker for the 'security' that it offered But what was it really like to live under communist rule? The answers are sometimes surprising.

1. A Socialist Paradise - 51 min.
2. The Kingdom of Forgetting - 51 min.
3. Socialism in One Family - 51 min.