Item Description
Following a random group of individuals heading to Sheffield, the series follows the survival of a mixed group of train passengers who have been accidentally cryogenically frozen. Waking up decades later, the passengers find that they are some of the last remaining humans to have survived an apocalyptic meteor strike, and are alone in the British countryside. Scientist Harriet Ambrose (Nicola Walker) had been on her way to a top-secret government project known as "Ark", supposedly a project to save humanity. The journey that follows revolves mainly around Harriet's obsession to reach the Ark and her boyfriend Jonathan Geddes (Ralph Brown) despite not being aware how many years have passed.   Upon being unfrozen, Harriet and her fellow passengers explore a post-apocalyptic Sheffield apparently uninhabited except by a pack of rabid dogs. Thawed thief Mick Sizer (Treva Etienne) then leads the other passengers to his lock-up garage and the group sets off in his Mercedes Sprinter van in search of the Ark and hopefully more survivors.   All six episodes are contained on two DVD’s. The DVD’s do not have artwork but they do have menus. The discs are PAL – please ensure you can play them before bidding.   The quality is not DVD quality, the picture is a little fuzzy but it is very watchable.   Postage to the UK is free, Europe is $3 and US is $5.