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It's Friday night, school's out and all you want is a nice quiet place to have a party with your friends. One of your pals suggests, "Let's party at the city museum after hours; I've got the keys and no one will be there all weekend." Sounds like fun right? Wrong... Dead wrong. What the kids don't know is that they've been lured to their deaths by a 3,000 year old killer bent on human destruction. An evil genie has been released and now no one on Earth is safe. As the kids divide into couples to explore the museum, as well as each other, the monster begins to hunt them down. The gruesome results are definately no picnic.
Starring: Deborah Winters, Jim Huston
Director: Tom Daley
Fullscreen / 1986 / 89 min / Not Rated
This film (or version of film) has never been officially released on DVD in the United States and is considered to be in the public domain. It has been professionally converted from the best possible source materials and recorded onto a high-quality DVD -R, compatible with most DVD players. The movie transfer is Region-Free NTSC and includes custom color artwork in a standard-sized case with thermal printing on the disc.
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