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Starring: Christopher George, Don Knight, David Brian and Carol Lynley
Handsome racing driver Ben Richards seemed to have everything: youth, health -- and immortality. The last attribute was due to some particular antibodies in his blood which made him immune to disease or aging. Immortality was something that a lot of people wanted for their own purposes, however, so Richards was constantly pursued, principally by ruthless billionaire Arthur Maitland and his henchman Fletcher. Like The Fugitive, this was essentially a "chase" show, as Richards kept one step ahead of his relentless pursuers.

Notable guest stars include: Ed Begley Jr., Ross Martin, Jack Albertson, Vic Morrow, Ted Knight and Bruce Dern.

Overall Set Quality (scale of 1-10): 8

White Elephants Don't Grow on Trees
Reflections on a Lost Tomorrow
The Legacy
The Rainbow Butcher
Man on a Punched Card
White Horse, Steel Horse
The Queen's Gambit
By Gift of Chance
Dead Man, Dead Man
Paradise Bay
The Return
To the Gods Alone
Brother's Keeper

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