Item Description
Indonesian fantasy horror epic.
Highly enjoyable trash with some insane special effects and even
crazier dialogue! Presented wide screen with English audio.
Brian is a man who believes that
money and power will win over the love of his girlfriend. While
fleeing through the woods (after attempting to rape his
now-ex-girlfriend) he stumbles upon the Snake Queen who promises
him great wealth if he does her bidding. However the evil hungry
snake woman, who wants revenge against the Snake Queen, convinces
Brian to trick the Queen by sticking a magic pin in her neck during
love making turning her into a snake! 
He comes across Nila (a snake
woman), who agrees to tell him where the Snake Queen resides if he
will repay the favor. Finally in the lair of the Snake Queen, the
Goddess agrees to grant Brian's wishes under one condition. As
payment and in order to worship her he must kill 3 women, drink
their blood and then dine upon their breasts .He agrees to this
carnage and sets out upon his killing spree. Pretty wild and
outrageous Indonesian trash with a tiny bit of gore, bizarre
storyline and some crazy special effects.
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