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Will Rogers stars as the cowardly schoolmaster Ichabod
Crane in this early silent adaptation of Washington Irving's
classic Tale "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow". Shortly after arriving
in the small town Ichabod falls for the beautiful young heiress
Katrina Van Tassell. This angers the brutish Abraham Van Brunt who
is also courting her. In addition to teaching a class full of
ingrates and fraternizing with townspeople who would prefer he
leaves, Ichabod has the legend of the Headless Horseman to
consider. The legend holds that the Ghost of A Hessian soldier
rides through the town at night in search of his missing head,
which was lost in battle. Can Ichabod survive the resentment of his
presence in his new home, and more importantly can he avoid falling
victim to the Legendary Headless Horseman?
1922- Running Time 68 Minutes
Directed By Edward D. Venturini
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