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The Head (1959) - Uncut Version - A
English, German and French Audio w/ optional English Subtitles for non English Dubbed dialogue

Note: This film is in the Public Domain

In celebration of Halloween, we are offering you the uncut version of The Head (Die Nackte Und Der Satan), an excellent expressionistic German Horror film directed by Victor Trivas. This DVD is available exclusively by Burnt Offerings, you won't be able to find this one anywhere else.

This was created from a crisp and clear uncut TV print, which is immensely better quality than the scratchy, choppy Alpha Video American print. It features dual audio tracks - English, German, and French and also includes optional English Subtitles for the parts that were cut from the English language print. A lot of hard work went into presenting this excellent underrated film to you in such good quality. The picture is a still frame from the actual DVD. The source was in PAL format, but if you need an NTSC version of the DVD, this is not a problem. Please let me know what format you would like when you make your purchase.
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