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Hi, you are looking for The Guess Who compilation on dvd.    Very hard to find.

NTSC DVD (please be sure your dvd player is compatible with NTSC System)

See video.

No artwork with dvd.




ENG-024 (NTSC) quality; 7 to 8/10

THE GUESS WHO (very rare tv compilation)

-This Time Long Ago (canadian-tv, "Let's Go", 60's)

-Flying On The Ground (canadian-tv, "Let's Go", 60's)

-Tin Soldiers (canadian-tv, "Let's Go", 60's)

-When Friends Fall Out (canadian-tv, "Let's Go", 60's)

-And When You Touch Me (USA-tv, "Upbeat", 60's)

-These Eyes (USA-tv, "Upbeat", 60's)

-Laughing (USA-tv, "Get It Together", 1970)

-No Time (USA-tv, "Get It Together", 1970)

-American Woman (USA-tv, "Upbeat", 60's)

-Hand Me Down World (USA-tv, "Johnny Cash")

-Share The Land (USA-tv, "Johnny Cash")

-Hang On To Your Life (USA-tv, "Upbeat", 60's)

-Running Back To Saskatoon (Canadian-tv)

-Albert Flasher (USA-tv, "Midnight Special")

-Star Baby (USA-tv, "Midnight Special")

-Undone (USA-tv, "Midnight Special")

-Clap For The Wolfan (USA-tv, "Midnight Special")

-Dancin' Fool  (tv show "DKRC")

-Laughing (Promo film)

-These Eyes (USA-tv, "Get It Together", 1970)

-Share The Land (USA-tv, "Upbeat")

-No Time (tv show "DKRC")

-American Woman (USA-tv, "Midnight Special")

-These Eyes (USA-tv, "Midnight Special")

-Hand Me Down World (USA-tv, "Midnight Special")




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