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DVD-R of this 112 minute 1961 full-length feature film released by Universal-International Pictures. This high-quality full-frame digital recording includes a disc menu with theme music in a slim plastic poly case with cover. Details below as listed with

Cast (in credits order):

Tony Curtis...Ferdinand Waldo Demara Jr. (as Martin Donner/Dr. Gilbert/Ben. W. Stone/Dr. Joseph Mornay/Robert Boyd Hammond)
Edmond O'Brien...Capt. Glover, HMCS Cayuga
Arthur O'Connell...Warden J.B. Chandler
Gary Merrill...Pa Demara
Joan Blackman...WRCN Nursing Sister Lt.Catherine Lacey
Raymond Massey...Abbott Donner
Robert Middleton...R.C. Brown (prison guard)
Jeanette Nolan...Ma Demara
Sue Ane Langdon...Eulalie Chandler (Warden's daughter)
Larry Gates...Cardinal
Mike Kellin...Clifford Thompson (prisoner in maximum security section)
Frank Gorshin...Barney (inmate in federal prison)
Cindi Wood...WAC Lieutenant
Dick Sargent...Hotchkiss (Medical Assistant 2nd Class in HMCS Cayuga) (as Richard Sargent)
Robert Crawford...Fred Demara Jr. (as Robert Crawford)
Doodles Weaver...Moonshine-impaired farmer hauling fertilizer
Ward Ramsey...Lieutenant Commander (XO in HMCS Cayuga)
David White...Dr. Hammond
Philip Ahn...Capt. Hun Kin, Korean Army
Herbert Rudley...Senior officer
Jerry Paris...Defense Lieutenant
Harry Carey Jr....Dr. Joseph Mornay
Willard Sage
Karl Malden...Father Devlin (St. Augustine School)
Robert Dornan...Reporter (uncredited)
Joe Gray...Prisoner (uncredited)
Bob Hastings...State Department Official (uncredited)
William Hudson...(uncredited)
David McMahon...Prison Guard (uncredited)

Plot description:
Based on a true story from Robert Chrichton's book, a bright young man who hasn't the patience for the normal way of advancement finds that people rarely question you if your "papers are in order". This man successfully assumes the guise of a marine, a monk, a prison warden, a surgeon onboard a Canadian Warship, and even more...

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