Item Description

The Golden Book of Chemistry Experiments

Robert Brent (1960)

How to setup a home laboratory - over 200 simple experiments

Children's chemistry book intended to explain to kids how they can setup a chemistry lab and do simple experiments.

Recommended use under parental supervision

on  CD in Adobe PDF format  



What Chemistry Is

Words Used by Chemists

  The Importance of Chemistry

  Chemists of the Past


Your Home Laboratory

Equipment for Chemistry

Setting Up Your Home Laboratory

  Making Apparatus for Experiments

Scientific Measurements

Correct Laboratory Techniques


The Scientific Approach

Mr. Faraday’s Candle

You --- The Scientist!

Elements, Compounds, and Mixtures


Water and Gases

Water – Our Most Important Compound

Oxygen – The Breath of Life

Hydrogen – Lightest of All

Carbon Dioxide

Nitrogen and Its Compounds

Chlorine – Friend and Foe


Chemical Formulas

Chemical Shorthand

The Periodic Table of the Elements


Acids, Bases, and Salts

The Mysteries of Solutions

Working with Acids

Working with Bases

Salts – Chemicals of Many Uses



Iodine – Violet or Brown ?

Sulfur and Its Compounds

Silicon – The Element You Step On

Boron – Future Rocket-Power Element ?



Sodium and Potassium

Calcium – For Building

Let’s Compare Two Metals

Aluminum – In Abundance

  Manganese – Metal of Many Colors

We Live in an Age of Iron

Copper – Yesterday, Today

Silver – One of the “Noble†Metals


More About Formulas

Valences and Formulas


Organic Chemistry

Carbon – Element of a Million Compounds

The Chemistry of Carbon Compounds

The Formulas of Carbon Compounds

A Lot of Hydrocarbons

  Carbohydrates – Sweet and Bland

Many Kinds of Alcohols

Carboxylic Acids

Fats and Oils for Energy

S oap and Soap Making

Proteins – The Body-Building Foods

Colloidal Dispersions

Natural and Artificial Fibers

Plastics – A Modern Giant


Chemical Mathematics

Working Out Chemical Equations


The Future of Chemistry

What’s Ahead in Chemistry ?


Where to Get Chemicals and Equipment


Common Chemicals and Their Formulas