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The Complete Series

Since the 16th Century, stately Motley Hall has had a proud and noble heritage as the ancestral home of the Uproar family. However, its latest owner, Sir Humphrey Uproar, has neglected the house, and allowed it to fall into disrepair. After Sir Humphrey suffers an ignoble death from a kneeling elephant, the sale and management of the vacant Motley Hall and its grounds falls to the overly-nervous estate agent Arnold Gudgin. But Motley is far from empty, and is in fact inhabited by several ghosts: Pompous General Sir George Uproar, the spooks’ self appointed leader, who inadvertently led his men, and himself, to their deaths in a disastrous military campaign; Sir Francis 'Fanny' Uproar, a dim-witted 18th Century fop with a penchant for drinking and dueling; Bodkin, the cheeky jester to the original Uproar, Sir Richard; the enigmatic White Lady, who has no recollection of who she is, or indeed, who she was; and Matt the stable-boy, the only member of the motley collection of ghosts able to leave the confines of the house. This is a British comedy from 1976. Bodkin (Arthur English) In life he worked as a fool at Motley Hall and died as a result of a cold he contracted from constantly being thrown in the duck pond for the amusement of his employer. Sir George Uproar (Freddie Jones) In life a General in the British army and now leader of the ghosts in Motley Hall. He died falling down the stairs after a long career in the army. Sir Francis 'Fanny' Uproar (Nicholas Le Prevost) Died during his twelfth duel due to being drunk. He is a stupid but likable character. Matt (Sean Flanagan) In life he was a stable lad. The White Lady (Sheila Steafel) She has no memory of who she was in life and how she came to be haunting Motley Hall. Mr Gudgin (Peter Sallis) Caretaker of Motley Hall. In the past members of the Gudgin family had worked as servants to the Uproar family.

This DVD set comes as pictured, in a case with cover, and artwork on each disc. Formatted in NTSC for USA/Canada and PAL format for Australia/Europe. Ships from the UK.

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