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A remarkable gothic horror period piece from the vaults of British horror Cinema. Full screen print in English audio.

Had Ed Wood been British, THE GHOST OF RASHMON HALL (1947 - US title) is the movie he would have made. Released in Great Britain as THE NIGHT COMES TOO SOON, this ghost story is riviting because it is so sincere, so inept and highly spooky. Starring Valentine Dyall (CITY OF THE DEAD aka HORROR HOTEL, THE HAUNTING) at his most unrestrained, THE GHOST OF RASHMON HALL is based on the Edward Bulwer-Lytton story The Haunted and the Haunters. An uncredited bit of M.R. James' The Mezzotint is also thrown into the mix.
Recounted during a soiree by Valetine Dyall's character, the story is about a young couple searching for a new home after the husband is transferred to the home office. Nothing is available except a decrepit old manor house shown by a reluctant real estate agent. A plaque on the house reveals that it was built by Rinaldo Sabata, a necromancer. I kid you not; "Necromancer" is engraved on the plaque. The couple buy the house and begin restoring it to its former glory -- and of course they also become the talk of the town. Not long after they settle in, strange things begin to happen. Mysterious noises and ghostly visions overwhelm the couple. Husband John decides to do some research and discovers that Rammelsham Hall (the American distributors screwed up the title when they released it stateside) has a dark legacy (as if the fact that a big plaque on the front of the manor proclaiming the structure was once inhabited by a necromancer wasn't a big enough clue). He later finds old love letters in a sealed room written by a sailor to a woman named Marianna. Marianna apparently was Sabata's wife. The lesson here is never, ever screw with the wife of a necromancer. Sabata killed his wife and her lover, which explains the apparitions seen by both John and wife Phyllis. They call in occult expert Dr. George Clinton (Dyall) to help them rid the house of its otherworldly occupants. Oozing smug superiority in almost every frame, Clinton does manage to assist John in finding a solution to the haunting and everything is rosy again until an illogical twist ending at the finale.

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