Item Description
The fourth generation of quality security upgrade BoMei hall fat incendiary

Unique strengthen disappear fat factor (Biotical) faster elimination with pork are thin body 28 days at thin reduced the overall faster 18 pounds

This product is made in Europe and the United States is known as "fat incendiary" red pepper extracts and DuoZhong plant herbal essence, match with l-carnitine, born hawthorn, aloe, ginkgo, alisma as the main raw material, using international advanced high-tech biological extraction technology, low temperature from red peppers, plant herbal essence extract high-energy activity, and stop light fat cells to gut the absorption of fat synthesis. Adjusting the human body adipose decompose metabolism, so as to achieve the effect of thin body weight loss.

The fourth generation of fat is in the new three generations incendiary device on the basis of formula, combined with improved new American thin body fat enzyme (Konjac elements Mannan the fine essence) and DuoZhong vitamin, my company's thin body with petor experts, carefully prepared into thin body improved high-quality goods. Act as a security in rapid thin body, at the same time it has excellent raise colour effect.

【 main raw materials 】 : capsaicin, born hawthorn, l-carnitine, alisma, aloe, ginkgo, and ShaGuo, VE, VC
【 composition and content 】 : effect every 100 g contains l-carnitine 19 g, flavonoids glucoside 1.2 g

【 health care function 】 : adjusting the blood fat, qing fat
【 appropriate crowd 】 : obstinate obesity, waist and abdomen, hip local obesity, repeated lose weight losers
【 specification 】 : 400 mg/grain * 30 grains
【 directions and dosage 】 : once a day, each time one grain, 15 minutes before breakfast with lukewarm water clothing
【 shelf life 】 : 24 months
【 storage method 】 : seal. Place in a cool dry place
【 precautions 】 : high blood pressure, heart disease, young children, pregnant women and nursing mothers to disable