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The Family Stone/Someone Like You
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Ashley Judd, Diane Keaton, Hugh Jackman, Sarah Jessica Parker

  Release Date:

Nov 28, 2006


Thomas Bezucha, Tony Goldwyn



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Region 1: US, CA

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The Family Stone
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Description Two Thumbs Up! Ebert & Roeper The UPC on the box is not the one listed in the above details. The UPC is 2454323403. You will receive one copy of the Family Stone Movie that is pictured in the gallery photo. Still in its package product protected by anti theft device. I watched this movie (not this copy) and I loved it. A great family movie (although the family is a little uncoventional).








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Portions of this page Copyright 1981 - 2008 Muze Inc. All rights reserved.

Movie description
FAMILY STONE: Destined to be a Christmas classic, Thomas Bezucha's dazzling dramedy, THE FAMILY STONE, manages to be both warmhearted and sentimental while possessing a razor-sharp hilarious mean streak. The fairly conventional story centers on Sarah Jessica Parker's uptight career woman, Meredith, and her run-in with the eponymous Stone family (one wonders which came first, the title or the script). With her permanently pursed lips and severe bun, SJP looks and acts the anti-Carrie Bradshaw here as, armed with cell phone and business suit collection, she gears up to meet her fiance's oddball family, a tight-knit, colorful clan who border on bohemian. Matriarch Sybil (Diane Keaton) and patriarch Kelly (Craig T. Nelson) are a loving couple whose diverse children are affectionate and respectful. When Meredith's humorless aura infects the homestead, it is mom Sybil and sister Amy (Rachel McAdams), who sense a romantic mismatch and attack her venomously, sparking a tete-a-tete-a-tete between three feisty females. While this Battle Royal is waged, dramatic subplots brew in the background, one involving the deaf and gay brother Thad's desire to adopt a child, and the other a rather devastating secret on the verge of exposure. It is in the emergence of Meredith’s refreshingly calm and breezy younger sister, Julie (Claire Danes), entering the film with a dramatic fall from a bus exit, that brings all conflict to a head. SOMEONE LIKE YOU: After a series of ill-fated relationships, Jane (Ashley Judd) has finally met Mr. Right, Ray (Greg Kinnear), who is emotionally available and not afraid of commitment. Six weeks into their blissful courtship, he asks her to move in with him, and they start looking at apartments. But little by little Ray starts to pull away, until Jane realizes that once again she's been dumped. Jane's womanizing coworker, Eddie, just happens to be looking for a roommate, and Jane reluctantly moves in. Desperate to understand what happened, Jane comes up with a theory of interpreting male-female relations by observing the behaviors of wild animals. She shares this idea with a friend who works at a men's magazine (Marisa Tomei) and is given an anonymous editorial column devoted solely to her thoughts on the matter. But no one could have predicted the chord she'd strike among women with her theory, and the column's wild success makes Jane start to question her conclusions--and opens her eyes to what might be right in front of her. Adapted from the novel ANIMAL HUSBANDRY by Laura Zigman, SOMEONE LIKE YOU is a bittersweet, funny romantic comedy, and handsome, charming Hugh Jackman shines as Jane's serial-dating coworker.
Cast: Ashley Judd, Dermot Mulroney, Diane Keaton, Greg Kinnear, Hugh Jackman, Sarah Jessica Parker

Edition: 2-DVD Set; Back to Back

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